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At Manoir de Durcet, the passion for apple is passed down from generation to generation.
It was in 1930 that the Breton family moved to Durcet in the heart of the Ornais grove. Upon his arrival, Eugène Breton devoted himself to the cidericole and dairy business.
Marcel succeeded his father in 1956 alongside his wife Odette. Together, they develop Cider with passion and are also dedicated to the production of Calvados. In advance of their time, they evolve with the new technologies and increase the livestock, the agricultural area of the holding and launch the commercialization of their products.
In 1976 Eugene’s grandson, Pascal, just a major, took up the torch on his own and perpetuated the family tradition. Since 1990, he produces an exceptional pommel born from the marriage of Cider and Calvados. Over the years, Pascal has integrated mechanization into his activity. In fact, while the family used to be involved in apple budding, today mechanized harvesting has become common practice. Associated with his wife Jocelyne, it is together that they develop their range of products and share their passion during visits and tastings on the farm. They were able to pass on the value of their work to their son Etienne, who joined the farm in December 2010.

Our orchard

The Ornais jar offers an ideal location for growing apples and pears. Our orchards illustrate the Norman countryside in which our fruit trees grow and under which our cows graze. These last ones ensure the maintenance of our orchards. Flowered in May, rich in September, the apple tree is filled with flavors and prestige. The fruits come from our traditional high-stemmed orchards 5 to 7 metres high, also called pre-orchards. We harvest them from September to December, when the fruit is ripe. We have 23 hectares for the production of our products from many varieties of apples such as: Noël des champs, Douce-Moën, Locard-Vert, Fréquin-rouge, Marie-Menard… Harmony between high-stem apple trees and the different varieties of apples give a rare taste and noble quality to the products produced.

« Soleil le dernier jour de Février met la fleur au pommier »